Clinical Examples

Clinical Examples

Dental and Hygiene

Hygienist instructions for scaling and root planing

Scaling and root planing instructions

Severe sensitivity to cavitron scaling

Apply for tooth sensitivity and canker sore pain

Eliminate the use of a needle for a crown cementation to vital tooth

Root planing: Need continuous application in 10% of patients (Aspen)

Make needle painless with predose prior to needle


Ormco manager eats chips for the first time in weeks after getting braces

Excellent patient example of orthodontic debond severe sensitivity

Aspen manager gets relief from tooth sensitivity due to debonding

Disking IPR pain reduction

Orthodontic patient lost sleep from pain and feels nothing after using the Dental Pain Eraser

Patient reapplication prior to appointment saving assistant doctor time


Fracture tooth pain relief

Traumatic ulcer buccal mucosa

Eliminates severe pain occlusal trauma tooth number 3. Avoiding root canal

Needle predose for mandibular block

Cracked tooth syndrome

Relieving pain day after Extraction

Consumer/At Home Use

Help with TMJ Pain

11 year old uses the Dental Pain Eraser while getting braces

12 year old who has not slept for days because of a tooth infection easily learns to use the Dental Pain Eraser

Patient talks about using the Dental Pain Eraser at home for post-operative pain

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