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Education Hub for the Dental Pain Eraser

The Dental Pain Eraser will be a real game changer for your practice.

It is the only immediate acting, long lasting, pain reliever for dental treatment and oral disorders without side-effects & safety concerns. Here are some resources to help you learn more about using the Dental Pain Eraser in the office and for your patients at home.  Welcome to the revolution!

Key Opinion Leaders

Key Opinion Leader, Dr. Mark Coreil, discusses how the Dental Pain Eraser is a real game changer that will help create an exceptional experience for your patients. In this short highlight video, he spotlights the device as a revenue source and huge differentiator in the marketplace for your practice as a drug-free way to eliminate pain that is so simple that it does not disrupt the work flow in the office.

The full video can be found on the Testimonials page along with videos of patients, hygienists, and other key opinion leaders in the field who share their opinions on how the Dental Pain Eraser and will revolutionize your practice.

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Dental and Hygiene Treatment


Learn about the many advantages for your dental practice and your hygienists when using the Dental Pain Eraser with your patients.

  • Drug-free relief
  • Immediate pain relief
  • Eliminate fear in patients
  • Improve patient experience
  • Eliminate topical/local anesthetic
  • Improve safety for hygienists by reducing “slip” from gel
  • Reduce appointment time
  • Reduce follow up emergency appointments
  • Have Telemedicine consult and send to patient for relief at home

Remote Patient (social distancing, travel, illness, telemedicine)

Prescribe to patient for immediate relief at home

Dental Hygiene Appointment

Improve patient experience, eliminate topical/local anesthetic, improve safety to hygienist by reducing “slip” after gel application

Dental Hypersensitivity

Immediate relief during procedures with severe erosion/ root exposure/chipped tooth, whitening

Cracked Tooth Pain

Differential diagnostic use and immediate pain relief

Restorative Procedures, Preparation/Decay Removal, Reversible Pulpitis

Reduce appointment time and eliminate fear since no needle is used

Crown Cementation

Eliminate severe sensitivity, reduce appointment time, and improve patient experience

Tooth Pain (internal and periodontal)

Relief from grinding, clenching, hyper-occlusion, reduce appointment time by getting patient comfortable quicker

Ulcerative Soft Tissue Pain (aphthous ulcers, abrasions from appliances/prostheses, post-procedural trauma)

Offer fast drug-free relief

Reduce follow up emergency appointments

Clinical examples

For more video examples of dental use of the Dental Pain Eraser, visit our Clinical Examples page.

Dr. Peri Mutewera discusses how the Dental Pain Eraser is an essential part of her practice because of its ease of use and effectiveness

Hygienist instructions for scaling and root planing

Scaling and root planing instructions

Severe sensitivity to cavitron scaling