How it Works

How It Works

Dental Pain Eraser – Advanced Pulsewave Technology™

  • US Patent # 9,855,418 – Device for electrical stimulation of periodontal complex and surrounding tissue.
  • Proprietary waveform, prescription and application type for blocking of dental nerve pain.
  • Additional patents pending.

The Advanced Pulsewave Technology™ sends gentle electric pulses to calm the nerves in the mouth and provide long-lasting pain relief.

Advanced Pulswave Technology

Clinical Applications

The Dental Pain Eraser (DPE) can be used in many applications. Expand the sections below to learn more.

Orthodontic Alignment
  • Inflamed PDL
  • Inflamed pulpal tissue
  • Occlusal sensitity related to altered bite
  • Reproximation
  • Air sensitivity at debonding
  • Aphtous Ulcer increased incidence
  • Soft tissue trauma
Orthodontic Treatment
Tooth Sensitivity
  • Cracked tooth
  • Teeth whitening
  • Dental treatment
    (filling, crown placement, tooth cleaning)
  • Thinning of enamel due to erosion or overbrushing
  • Dental decay (rervesible pulpitis)
  • Poor oral hygiene-leading to plaque and tartar buildup
  • Gum disease, recession, root exposure
  • Pressure of teeth from grinding, clenching
Tooth Sensitivity
Oral Surgery & Related Surgical Care
  • Post endodontic pain (pre- and post- filing)
  • Post extraction (post-operative extraction pain and swelling)
  • Post implant pain
  • Post periodontal surgery pain (soft and hard tissue)
  • Post bone graft placement pain
  • Trauma (lip, tooth or attachment trauma pain)
Oral Surgery
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The Dental Pain Eraser is easy to use

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