A Tale of Two Hygienists

TIPisode Dental Pain Erased with Jen Rothenberg BS, RDH, PHDH on A Tale of Two Hygienists podcast with Michelle Strange and Andrew Johnston.

Dr. Mark Coreil “This device is a real game changer”

Dr. Mark Coreil discusses how the Dental Pain Eraser is a real game changer, a revenue source and huge differentiator in the marketplace for your practice as a drug-free way to eliminate pain, and is so simple that it does not disrupt the work flow in the office.

Dr. Marc Lemchen says “I think this is going to be a great tool for us.”

Dr. Marc Lemchen, DMD of Smile NYCity said of the Dental Pain Eraser - "We use this for our Orthodontic part of the practice and it works really well. Patients love it." In this video, he discusses how the pain goes away after using it. "It is totally non-invasive, FDA approved. I think this is going to be a great tool for us."

Dr. Paul Feuerstein and Dr. John Meola checking out the Dental Pain Eraser

Truly an honor to have Dr. Paul Feuerstein, technology editor of Dentistry Today, and Dr. John Meola, dentist to our superstar Boston Celtics, New England Patriots team, and Miss USA come and see what they think will be a “game” changer even to our superstar athletes that may have an immediate injury on the court or field and we need them out of pain fast and back in action! Now that’s Synaptic!!!

Hygienist Testimonial: “She couldn’t believe it”

"I had a patient who was extremely nervous and jumpy. I used that without any topical and I did the WHOLE mouth, deep cleaning. It was great. She wasn't jumpy at all. She couldn't believe it." "My FAVORITE thing about it is the fact that they don't hate me as soon as I step in the room to do work because they know I am going use something that doesn't have a needle."

Hygienist Testimonial: “Really alleviated his pain”

Hygienist talks about the thrill of helping a cancer patient who loved milk and could not physically drink it because of hypersensitivity to cold. "I know it sounds simple", but tough for "someone who really wants something and physically cannot have it." After using the Dental Pain Eraser, "it really alleviated his pain" and allowed him to enjoy something he loves, a glass of cold milk.